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This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

0.1About this FAQ11/15/2020
0.2Statistics in this FAQ*
1.0Sending a message to the group11/15/2020
1.1Formatting new messages to the group11/15/2020
1.2Include a signature line in messages to the group08/31/2011
1.3Automatic Email Signature help05/25/09
1.5Replying to messages sent to you11/15/2020
1.6How to control the 'From' name on sent messages11/15/2020
1.7Close a thread with a FIX01/06/2024
2.0Vote In/Create a Poll(Survey)11/15/2020
3.0To PERMANENTLY stop receiving E-Mail from the group11/15/2020
3.5To TEMPORARILY stop receiving E-Mail from the group11/15/2020
4.0How to change subscription mode (Normal or Digest)11/15/2020
4.1How to change your email address11/15/2020
4.3Problems signing in to your GROUPS.IO account11/19/2020
5.0Group hosted by: GROUPS.IO11/20/2020
5.1Archived copies of messages11/20/2020
5.3Message attachment archiving11/20/2020
5.4Files area uses11/20/2020
5.6Photos area uses11/20/2020
6.0The PTECHS.NET website01/06/2024
6.1The PTECHS.NET website login11/20/2020
7.0SPAM from Group11/22/2020
7.1Group discussion of fees or charges5/30/2009
7.2Discussions taken outside of group12/11/2009
7.4None Technical/off topic messages11/22/2020
7.5Advertisements in messages(GROUPS.IO Sponsor)11/22/2020
7.7Virus' and attachments sent in messages11/23/2020
8.0How many members are in the group*
8.1How many members are bouncing12/30/2007
8.2How many members have been removed for bouncing
8.3How many members have left group*
8.4What is the combined years experience of all members*
8.45What is average percentage of work done on Porsche*
8.5Member lists, Maps and profiles11/23/2020
8.6How many Applications have been denied*
8.61How many Subscription requests have been rejected*
8.62How many Applications have been discarded*
8.63How many pending Applications are there*
8.64How many pending members are there*
8.7How the minimum requirement to join are set
8.8How new members are validated11/23/2020
8.81Experimental Grading System*
8.9How to invite other Porsche Technicians you know02/13/2011
9.0Who owns the group
9.5Private messages to me as the owner of the group
10.0Does anyone make money from the group11/23/2020
11.0How can an irritating person be BANNED11/23/2020
901.0Porsche trademark disputes
* These sections are updated automatically. 0.1 About this FAQ ( updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- The FAQ is a new dynamic version which is a replacement for the old static version. While it is not named a Terms of Service document members should think of it as one. The Table of Contents now contains hyper links to the various sections. When a section is updated so will the date next to its title, including the table of contents, to indicate when it was last updated. Since it is updated occasionally members can check the last update date to see if they should read a section. A link to this FAQ is included in the footer of all email messages from the group. However, the messages archived do not contain the links configured for the footer as GROUPS.IO strips those out before archiving the messages. Much of this FAQ is edited by hand, but some parts are generated automatically. Membership statistics are dynamically read from the membership database. 0.2 Statistics in this FAQ ( Updated 02/02/2013 ) The Statistic in the FAQ were last updated on Thu, 13 Jun 2024. The Statistics in this FAQ are usually updated automatically when specific types of changes occur to the membership database. Additionally, an automated process should update the statistics daily. 1.0 Sending a new message to the group ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- To send a New message to the Group use Since it is so long, just add it to you address book. If away from your regular PC(your e-mail account), you can send a message from the http://GROUPS.IO site by logging in, Click 'POST' next to 'PorscheTechnicians'. You CAN NOT send e-mail to the group from an e-mail address that is not a member of this Group unless you configure an alternative email address at GROUPS.IO 'My Preferences' page. 1.1 Formatting new messages to the group ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- Messages sent to the group should be formatting in a standard predictable way. Several suggestions have been made with a few different variations. This should help to cut down on follow up questions to clarify details about the vehicle in question. Below is a suggested format. Simply copy and paste into a new message. This will be adjusted over time as needed. Not all fields are required, but the author should be careful and pay close attention to what might be needed. Please include as much details about your problem as possible. Too much info is better then too little. (Subject line entry format) Year Model subject/issue(brief) (Message body) VIN: Engine: Mileage: Prod date: Transmission: Misc: Fault codes: HELP TEXT Followed by a proper signature The below email link can be used as a template to help format a message. 1.2 Include a signature line in messages to the group ( Updated 08/31/2011 ) ---------------------- It has been suggested members be required to include a signature line that states their name, shops name and contact information in messages sent to the group. This has been suggested several times, and is a good idea. Currently, members can only agree that this format should be a minimum. Full name, (first and last) Company Name Later we may change this minimum to include more info when members can agree more is the minimum. Members should now use the above format as a signature in messages sent to the group. See your email program on how to create a signature. Most email programs allow signatures that can be automatically added to out going messages. See the Automatic Email Signature help page for instructions. Member Robert O. will be in charge of policing signatures. 1.3 Automatic Email Signature help ( Added 05/25/09 ) ---------------------- For information on how to setup your email program, so it automatically adds a signature for you, go to the Automatic Email Signature help page. 1.5 Replying to messages sent to you ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- To reply to a message sent to you, choose 'Reply' option in your e-mail program. The message you received from the Group will show who the message was from, and will show '' in the 'To' field. There is also a 'Reply-To' field that will automatically send all replies back to the Group. That means all replies are sent to all members. 1.6 How to control the 'From' name on sent messages ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- The 'From' name on all messages sent FROM the Group is pulled from the message sent TO the Group, NOT from the name used on the GROUPS.IO registration. This is controlled by Your E-mail programs settings. Your E-mail address will be shown on the e-mail. 1.7 Close a thread with a FIX ( Updated 01/06/2024 ) Post a FIX message once your job is fixed. Add the word FIX to the subject line so it can be easily identified. Be careful to make sure the FIX is posted to the same thread to keep the archives organized. If needed login at GROUPS.IO to find the original thread. Or better yet, I suggest you keep your original email message to the group in your INBOX until your FIX message is ready. Then send the FIX as a reply to the original message. Keeping the original also will help to remind you a FIX should be sent. 2.0 Vote In/Create a Poll(Survey) ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- Poll, formally called Surveys, are now open so anyone can create one. There are many options on how the Poll is done. It is basically one question with up to 25 single or multiple choices. Results can be hidden or visible during polling. It can be done anonymously or not. Anyway you should get the point, it is versatile. When a Survey is created a message is sent to all members. It will show the question and the possible answers. A hyperlink to the web page to place your vote is also included. You will need to log-in with GROUPS.IO user name and password at GROUPS.IO to place your vote. The survey results are also available there. Also previous Poll(surveys) are archived and available for viewing. The New page is at If you do not want to create the Poll your self, send your idea to 3.0 To PERMANENTLY stop receiving E-mail from the group ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- send a blank message You can also go to the GROUPS.IO web site, log in, Click 'PorscheTechnicians', below 'Membership' click 'Unsubscribe', then click 'Unsubscribe' button. If you unsubscribe you will receive a confirmation/good-bye message and instructions on how to re-subscribe. This would require that the application process be done again, so do not do it, if you intend on it only being temporary. See section 'To TEMPORARILY stop receiving Mail from the Group' for a better way. 3.5 To TEMPORARILY stop receiving E-Mail from the group ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- To temporarily stop receiving e-mail from Group, and still be able to read messages at GROUPS.IO, change subscription option to 'No Mail'. To do this, go to and Choose 'No Mail' from Delivery options choices then click 'Save' button at bottom. You must later undo this to start receiving again. While you can keep your membership/subscription this way, and will be able to send mail in the normal way, this would keep you out of touch with what is going on, so it is suggested you avoid doing that. It should also be obvious to anyone that if you are not interested in receiving messages you are obviously not interested in helping others, and you will be viewed by the moderators and owner as 'not a team player'. That goes against the primary goal of the group, to help one another, and you should consider yourself not welcome here. 4.0 How to change subscription mode (Normal or Digest) ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- To only receive one E-mail a day, typically (Digest mode)... Go to and select a different Email Delivery option. Changing to Digest mode can be useful if you are being overload by too much mail from the Group. There are a few down sides to digest mode. It also can make replying to posts a bit more complicated as the message will not properly thread in other peoples In-Box, or within the archives. Images sent in a message are not included in the digest. For Our Group here I would recommend all of you to use the normal mode, unless you only check your mail once a week. Another point you should consider is, if you are subscribed in digest mode it will be much more difficult for you to help others. You do want to help others, right? 4.1 How to change your email address ( Updated 11/15/2020 ) ---------------------- Go To and follow the instruction there. 4.3 Problems signing in to your GROUPS.IO account ( Updated 11/19/2020 ) ---------------------- 5.0 Group hosted by: GROUPS.IO ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ---------------------- The group and its archives were moved off Yahoo and relocated on in November of 2019 and the results have been great. 5.1 Archived copies of messages ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ---------------------- Archived copies of old messages are available at GROUPS.IO, but you must Login to access them. The archives are stored in the standard form. If you have a question or a problem you want an answer to, it is customary to make an attempt to search the archives first before posting a message to the group. This helps avoid long time members from telling you 'The answer is in the archives', or worse, simply ignoring the help request, as I have done many times. The Archives are here. Just click the Search button. Words can be found in any order so if there are too many results just add more words like "P2181 Andropoulos". See below for tricks on searching message archives. 5.3 Message attachment archiving ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ----------------------- GROUPS.IO will deliver all attachments sent via email and are stored in the archives in the Messages area. 5.4 Files area uses ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ---------------------- The shared files area at the GROUPS.IO site originally was used for storing the various text files such as 'Application Notice', 'FAQ notice', 'Good_Bye', and 'AppRejct'. They are setup to automatically be sent out when appropriate. Storage capacity is 1GB. So far we have used 1% of the space available. Members can now upload their own files. But please, no copy written materials. Anyone found up loading copy written files will have their upload privileges revoked for both Photos and Files. Also, if you have any more ideas on how else we could use this, let me know. 5.6 Photos area uses ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ---------------------- The Photos area is now open for upload and download, and can store up to 1GB. It does require members to log in to view or upload files. So far we have used 2% of the space available. 6.0 The PTECHS.NET website ( Updated 01/06/2024 ) ---------------------- The PTECHS.NET domain currently serves as a replacement to the pages previously located at In the future we will be able to do things we are not able to do with GROUPS.IO This is a better place to refer people to who are interested in learning about the group. Keep an eye open for changes, coming soon. 6.1 The PTECHS.NET website login ( Updated 11/20/2020 ) ---------------------- Current group members are not yet able to Login at PTECHS.NET, and would not have much to do there if they did. Later additional functionality will be added as we move forward on developing the website. Currently only the application review committee members can login. This is only for to reviewing and voting on applications. 7.0 SPAM from group ( Updated 11/22/2020 ) ---------------------- SPAM is something I DO NOT EXPECT to see as a problem. The GROUPS.IO system is set up very well just to prevent that sort of a problem. That is mostly why joining to this Group can be so involved. Go to GROUPS.IO and check out the details. If one of you ever suspect you are getting SPAM because of GROUPS.IO or the Group in general, please let me know. 7.1 Group discussion of fees or charges ( Updated 5/30/2009 ) ---------------------- Many countries have strict legal guidelines regarding group discussion of charges for items or services. This includes labor times. For this reason absolutely no group discussion of Fees, Charges, Prices, Rates or Labor times are allowed on this group. This could be interpreted as 'Price fixing'. Price fixing is an agreement among competitors to charge a certain amount for their services or products or to stabilize prices. Price fixing is considered anti- competitive by the US government and is therefore illegal. Experts generally advise that competitors avoid even the appearance of agreeing on price. It is OK to quote what a published labor guide time or a Factory labor time states, but NOT to use any expression like 'What we charge', 'what we have charged', 'what we will charge' or 'what we are estimating'. Although I would prefer the questions were never asked. More info on price fixing can be found here. 7.2 Discussions taken outside of group ( Updated 12/11/2009 ) ---------------------- When a thread is started INSIDE the group and goes OUTSIDE the group during a phone call, please report back to the group what was discussed. Others will want to know too. It is always a bad sign when a member says 'give me a call'. All other members will immediately think the thread just might become useless in the archives. 7.4 None Technical/off topic messages ( Updated 11/22/2020 ) ---------------------- Messages that are not technical in nature, or off Topic are subject to scrutiny by the moderators. Some topics that are acceptable, or unacceptable may change with time as needs arise. Generally messages should be about repairing Porsche's, and NOT Advertisements. Advertisements about stuff you have for sale including Parts, Tools, Equipment, Services you offer or training are not permitted. Here are some additional examples to help clarify. Requests for hard to find parts new or used are acceptable, in moderation. Advertising parts you have and want to sell, are NOT acceptable messages. Messages about a job opening at your shop are acceptable for now. I do not have a problem with this. If others members have a problem with this, I would expect them to tell me about it. If a shop owner is planning to retire and intends on selling his business that is an acceptable advertisement. The reasoning for allowing this is simple in that we would expect very few of these over any period of time. Additionally I would hope that members would be glad to see other members in a position where they could retire. 7.5 Advertisements in messages(GROUPS.IO Sponsor) ( Updated 11/22/2020 ) ---------------------- When we first moved from Yahoo Groups to GROUPS.IO I setup our group with a Premium Plan which was to enable for harvesting of the Yahoo message archives. This was at a cost of $220 to me. After a year this was changed to a Basic, or Free Plan. The change to basic was made on 11/18/2020 so as of today 11/22/2020 it is not yet obvious to me that there will be advertisements added to messages. If anyone wants to discuss this, send a message to Me or to the Group if you wish. 7.7 Virus' and attachments sent in messages ( Updated 11/23/2020 ) ----------------------- The on line poll on whether attachments should be allowed has been closed. The poll has shown very little concern from members about receiving email attachments from the Group. Because of this attachments have been turned back on. All of us will need to be responsible for Our own PC's protection from Virus' sent to us from the Group by running Anti-Virus software as needed. The results of the Poll also suggested no one be punished for sending a Virus as an attachment to the Group. For now, we will not establish a written policy on this situation, but we will address this if and when a problem arises. The Poll was on Yahoo Groups which is now shutdown. * 8.0 How many members are in the group ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There are 150 Members in the Group including those bouncing. See section 8.9 on inviting others you know to join. 8.1 How many members are bouncing ( Updated 12/30/2007 ) ----------------------- There is 1 members who's email is refused by their ISP(messages are bounced back). Yahoo! Groups calls this bouncing. After a few bounces the member is moved from the regular 'Members' list to the 'Bouncing' list. They will stay on the Bouncing list until either the Member does login at Yahoo! Groups and changes that, or a Moderator sends a reactivation request. If a Members email box becomes too full and their ISP rejects new email, this will cause a bounce. If an email account is closed this will also create a bouncing problem. 8.2 How many members have been removed for bouncing ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There have been 24 members removed by the moderators because e-mail sent to them has been rejected by their ISP for far too long a time. If their mail server reports them as an unknown user, or in the case of Yahoo a deactivated account, they will be quickly removed from the Group. If you plan on changing your e-mail address you need to reconfigure your yahoo group email address setting quickly to prevent being removed from the Group. To rejoin the Group you will need to repeat the process. People who rejoin the group after being removed will make this number go back down. * 8.3 How many members have left group ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There has been 12, and I do not know why. I would expect any member not happy with the group would tell me when something bothers them. Those who return to the group after leaving will cause this number to go back down. * 8.4 What is the combined years experience of all members ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- 5351 years combined experience. This is based off the info returned in the Application. One year is automatically added after a year membership. * 8.45 What is average percentage of work done on Porsche ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- On average members report their work as 78% Porsche. This is calculated as an average among all current members. There are currently 80 members who report their work as at least 90% Porsche. This new statistic was added 12/22/2007 and is updated automatically. 8.5 Member lists, Maps and profiles ( Updated 11/23/2020 ) ----------------------- A complete list of members can be found at the Membership Map. Several members are missing an address line or other details. All Members should review their information and submit changes to Dan via email. Members control over what is listed is a planned feature but not yet possible. To improve the accuracy of your location on the map, use the Membership Map - Diagnostic tools. Click your name to pan and zoom to your business location. See the popup window info for details on how to get a new geo_location. * 8.6 How many Applications have been denied ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There have been 76 Applications denied. Usually applications are denied for not meeting minimum years of experience and also not currently working as a Tech. Furthermore Applicants working at a business that does not appear to specialize in Porsche work may also be rejected. Applications that are simply unimpressive or do not provide enough justification for acceptance will also be denied. * 8.61 How many Subscription requests have been rejected ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There have been 40 Subscription requests rejected. These are Yahoo Join/subscription requests that did not submit an application. * 8.62 How many Applications have been discarded ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There have been 18 Applications discarded. An Application is discarded when the Application is accepted, but the applicant never follows through with the Joining. * 8.63 How many pending Applications are there ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There is currently 3 pending applications. These applications are still being reviewed. * 8.64 How many pending members are there ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- There are currently 0 Pending Members. A Pending Member is one whose application has been accepted, yet the Join has not completed. 8.7 How the minimum requirement to join are set ----------------------- The minimum requirement are shown in the Updated online Application which is now fully enabled and can be found here at I am open to suggestion, so If you guys want to change the minimum requirements, let me know. The 'Application Notice' sent out with a subscription request is changed to simply point to the online application. 8.8 How new members are validated ( Updated 11/23/2020 ) ----------------------- Validating New members has been a problem over time, and only seems to get more difficult as the group grows. The application review committee, consisting of 5 current members, share the duty of evaluating and voting on applications. The processing of applications has been bogged down for a while now. This is mostly Dan's fault. * 8.81 Experimental Grading System ( Updated Automatically ) ----------------------- I am experimenting with a grading system for members. Each member will be given a grade based on a few factors. Those factors will be explained later. In the short term I only expect to use these for listing the total count for each grade. See below. Currently Grade counts. Grade A members=61 Grade B members=23 Grade C members=109 8.9 How to invite other Porsche Technicians you know ( Updated 02/13/2011 ) ----------------------- Tell them to go to learn about joining the group. They should also use your name in the 'Who referred you' field when filling the application. We will probably contact you for confirmation when your name is used. Please do not send email to Dan asking him to help someone join the group. 9.0 Who owns the group ----------------------- My name is Dan Leitner, and I am a Porsche Technician and a shop owner. 9.5 Private messages to me as the owner of the group ----------------------- Private messages to me as the Owner can be sent If a question you have is not answered here, I want to know about it. 10.0 Does anyone make money from the group ( Updated 11/23/2020 ) ----------------------- GROUPS.IO makes money by selling their services to large organizations. The Owner of the group does not make any money directly from the group. He only makes money by repairing Porsche's. This has recently changed in that now a member has sent a voluntary donation to the owner to assist in covering the costs, and time, for managing the group.
You can find the Member Donations List here. 11.0 How can an irritating person be BANNED ( Updated 11/23/2020 ) --------------------- This never happened, and no one has even come close to being banned except maybe The Mangler. Not that I suspect it will be a common thing, but I thought I might make it clear, it is a possibility. So do not be too up-tight about what you say in messages. I do not want to make everyone over cautious when sending their thoughts, and discourage lively discussions. Just relax. This is supposed to be a place we feel comfortable with voicing our opinions. To Ban someone, who is not welcome, from the group. Send a private message to the owner requesting they be BANNED. If enough people request a BAN, the user will be BANNED. The BAN can be made temporary or Permanent. I really do want this to be a Democracy. If enough people asked for ME to be Banned, I would even do that. 901.0 Porsche trademark disputes --------------------- Since Porsche, by law, is required to self impose enforcement of trademark infringements, they may quickly jump on Me as the owner of the group and demand the trademark names not be used. Since they most likely will see this message here at some point, I will state my position clearly in plain English. I would like to discuss the issues of how the name 'Porsche' is used. Just like an article written in a Newspaper story, or an advertisement for a used car, I believe the name is being used in the same fashion as it would be used in any personal correspondence between any 2 or more individuals. This is simply free speech. No money is being made from its use. I do not think it makes any sense to complicate the Technicians sources of technical info by interfering with how this Group operates. If Porsche wants to take over control of the group from me, and the members vote in favor of that, I will quickly comply. I would not expect any money or compensation from Porsche for the group. 911.0 Trademarks -------------------- Porsche, the Porsche marquee, Carrera, Targa, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman, Tiptronic and Tequipment are registered trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

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